A Quiet Night In

Series 1 - Episode 2 A Quiet Night In



Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are superb comic actors and ace gag-writers, but what makes them precious is their willingness to attempt difficult concepts, because they know that if it works they'll have something really special.

Last week we spent half the episode inside a wardrobe; this one-off story roams around the house of the week, a glass-walled millionaire mansion. Denis Lawson is at home, arguing with his wife (Oona Chaplin) and oblivious to the presence of two inept cat-burglars (Shearsmith and Pemberton). As they try to steal from him, there are near misses, pratfalls, murder and farce, all beautifully choreographed. But no dialogue.


Gerald and Sabrina's modernist home has lots of beautiful things in it of extremely high value. So when cat-burglars Ray and Eddie decide to break into the luxury house, they have to dodge all manner of obstacles - including the warring couple who live there - to get their hands on a priceless painting. Starring Denis Lawson and Oona Chaplin.

Cast & Crew

Gerald Denis Lawson
Kim Joyce Veheary
Eddie Steve Pemberton
Ray Reece Shearsmith
Sabrina Oona Chaplin
Paul Kayvan Novak
Director David Kerr
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Reece Shearsmith
Writer Steve Pemberton
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