The Joy of Sharing

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Joy of Sharing



The days of families sitting round the dinner table to eat together every night are long gone. Michel Roux Jr thinks it’s a shame: “Sharing food is one of life’s great pleasures,” he says, “it’s central to family life”. Richard Corrigan (now looking uncannily like Martin Rohde in BBC4’s The Bridge) agrees but street food fan Andy Bates doesn’t, exhorting us to “stop putting the dining table on a pedestal”.

Whatever your view, there are some delicious sharing dishes being created in the gleaming F&D white kitchen, including a chicken, ham and crayfish pie and some British “tapas” while Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy explores Korean cuisine, the latest food-sharing experience to hit our high streets.


Half of British families struggle to share a meal more than three times a week and yet people relish the sense of togetherness it gives them. Richard Corrigan joins Michel Roux Jr in the kitchen to prepare a hearty chicken and crayfish pie ideal for a gathering, while drinks expert Kate Goodman comes up with ales to suit the occasion and chef Andy Bates joins the team for a debate about the future of family dining.

Cast & Crew

Host Michel Roux Jr
Contributor Kate Goodman
Contributor Richard Corrigan
Contributor Andy Bates
Executive Producer Robi Dutta
Series Producer Hannah Corneck
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