Risk Assessment

Series 2 - Episode 16 Risk Assessment

Sat 28 Oct 8am - 9am Universal Channel


When a graduate student is shot dead in a gang-riddled neighbourhood, the Division works with the FBI and Fritz Howard in a bid to find his killer. Meanwhile, each member's reason for joining the unit is revealed as the investigation unfolds. American police drama, starring Mary McDonnell and Jon Tenney.

Cast & Crew

Sharon Raydor Mary McDonnell
Lt Louie Provenza GW Bailey
Lt Andy Flynn Tony Denison
Lt Mike Tao Michael Paul Chan
Det Julio Sanchez Raymond Cruz
Buzz Watson Phillip P Keene
Det Amy Sykes Kearran Giovanni
Rusty Beck Graham Patrick Martin
Emma Rios Nadine Velazquez
Assistant Chief Taylor Robert Gossett
Agent Fritz Howard Jon Tenney
Director Stacey K Black
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