K2: The Killer Summit: Storyville

K2: The Killer Summit: Storyville



The number of people summiting the world’s highest peaks has soared in recent decades, but so has the number of fatalities on the overcrowded slopes. One disaster on Everest in 1996, when eight people died, was related in the bestselling Into Thin Air. But on 1 August 2008, even more people paid the price for their “summit fever”: 11 died on K2, a mountain with a dangerous reputation – one in four of those who made it to the top has died on the descent.

There’s something compelling about mountaineering documentaries – witness the success of Touching the Void – and Nick Ryan’s film (first shown in 2014) re-creates events with the help of footage shot at the time and careful reconstructions. Its main purpose is to resolve the conflicting accounts of what actually happened on the day, and to give credit to those who went back to help other stricken climbers.


Documentary exploring the 2008 expedition featuring Irish climber Ger McDonnell, who faced a heart-breaking dilemma during his attempt to conquer K2, one of the world's most dangerous peaks. The series of events is retold through re-creations, home-movie footage and interviews with survivors and family members, bringing to life one of the deadliest days in mountaineering history during which 11 people died.

Cast & Crew

Director Nick Ryan
Series Editor Nick Fraser