Pound Shop Wars

The Battle of the Bra

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Battle of the Bra



This is one of those remorselessly jaunty workplace fly-on-the-wall docs; it’s like being trapped in a revolving door while a Carry On film plays over and over and over again. A one-off episode in 2012 won nearly five million viewers so naturally a series had to follow and we eavesdrop again on the Wakefield-based Poundworld’s business.

Competition is relentless as more budget stores litter the high street. Poundworld thinks it’s on to a winner with a £1 bra that triggers plenty of nudge-nudge national newspaper coverage. Because bras are inherently hilarious to most men, one assistant manager exhausts us with his wit: “We’re certainly not going to go bust… it’s a breast seller.” Funny.


Documentary following the fortunes of family run retail business Poundworld and its CEO Chris Edwards, as he battles his high-street competition. The company's biggest rival, Poundland, reduces all its prices by 3p in East Ham, so Chris retaliates by launching what he thinks is a surefire winner - the £1 bra. But will it really attract more shoppers? The boss also thinks he needs to cut back on staff to raise revenue to fund new shops, so he sends his cost-cutting expert back to the shop floor to see whether his plans would damage customer service.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Caroline Aherne
Series Director Emeka Onono
Series Producer Kerry Brierley