The Bridge

Series 2 - Episode 10



The Bridge hits a new beat entirely during these final, thrilling episodes as the hunt for a serial killer turns into a Jason Bourne-type race against time to prevent a catastrophe. The final instalment will leave you wrung out and in despair as detectives Saga and Martin (Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia) hurtle towards a series of disasters that have huge ramifications for their friendship.

So we take a melancholy last trip across the Oresund Bridge with the pair, who are drowning in their own little wells of loneliness. Martin tries to make his relationship with his long-suffering wife Mette work, while Saga can’t get used to sharing her life with her sweet and forbearing boyfriend, Jakob. “You can have your own room too,” she tells him, helpfully, as she tries to make sense of what “living together” actually means.

It’s a deeply satisfying ending, full of nuance and a sadness that you’ll find hard to shake off.


The Danish and Swedish police forces bring their investigation to a close, but it soon becomes clear that the case has not yet reached its conclusion. As a race to prevent another disaster gets under way, Martin makes a crucial decision, and Saga if forced to make a difficult choice that could change everything. Scandinavian crime drama, starring Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia.

Cast & Crew

Saga Sofia Helin
Martin Kim Bodnia
Hans Dag Malmberg
Lilian Sarah Boberg
John Rafael Petterson
Jens Lars Simonsen
Mette Puk Scharbau
Laura Julia Ragnarsson
Director Henrik Georgsson
Writer Hans Rosenfeldt
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