Every Last Crumb

Series 2 - Episode 1 Every Last Crumb



Michel Roux Jr is on a mission to stop us wasting so much food. He’s horrified to hear that every British household throws about £500 worth of food into the dustbin every year. So he enlists the help of Mary Berry who, not surprisingly, is very adept at making something out of nothing. Here she creates a fish pie with a souffléd bread topping that Michel says is “inspired” and “far better than mashed potato”.

There are plenty of other useful suggestions involving leftovers but it’s when they start the wine-tasting section that the fun really starts. Mary admits she likes a drink or two but her face when she tastes a potent grappa is hilarious.


The return of the show featuring recipes, tips and discussions on the latest food trends, beginning with a look at how to reduce food waste and save money. Host Michel Roux Jr and resident drinks expert Kate Goodman are joined by The Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry, who uses stale bread to create a fish-pie topping and shares stories of her days as freezer correspondent in the 1960s. Kate takes part in a tasting of grappa - which is made from a by-product of wine-making - and there is debate about whether food is too cheap.

Cast & Crew

Host Michel Roux Jr
Contributor Kate Goodman
Guest Mary Berry
Executive Producer Robi Dutta
Series Producer Hannah Corneck