Animals Through the Night: Sleepover at the Zoo

Animals Through the Night: Sleepover at the Zoo


Just as essential to the birds and beasts of Bristol Zoo as it is to a human animal with a long day ahead, sleep comes in a surprising variety of forms. Did you know that zebras sleep standing up, and seals like to know who’s boss before they settle down for the night?

With cameras rigged up, Liz Bonnin and a team of experts monitor the nocturnal doings of residents including tapirs, flamingos and lions. But if you’re hoping for magical Springwatch-style footage of lively night-time activities, there’s a long wait in store. On the upside, there’s also an octopus called Priscilla opening a jar.


With the help of approximately 30 night-vision cameras and 20 infra-red motion sensors, Liz Bonnin and sleep expert Bryson Voirin spend a night at Bristol Zoo, comparing and contrasting sleep patterns of animals. The creatures captured range from red pandas, dolphins and lions to meerkats, tapirs and ants.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Liz Bonnin
Contributor Bryson Voirin
Director Nicholas Head
Executive Producer Owen Gay
Executive Producer Laura Marshall
Executive Producer Marcus Herbert
Executive Producer Tom McDonald
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