Storyville: Soccer Coach Zoran and His African Tigers

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Storyville: Soccer Coach Zoran and His African Tigers



How does the Storyville strand continually manage to source so many outstanding documentaries from around the globe? This one’s about the nascent republic of South Sudan’s first-ever national football team and their somewhat unusual coach: a shouty Serbian named Zoran Djordjevic.

Everyone loves an underdog story, and although it’s impossible not to get behind the team’s efforts, Zoran’s boorish, macho man-management style is less endearing. And as the team’s preparations for a regional tournament descend into farce due to lack of funding, an emotionally fragile Zoran begins to realise he may have made some enemies in high places.


Veteran Serbian coach Zoran Djordjevic seeks to form South Sudan's first national football team. The country became an independent state in 2011 following nearly 50 years of civil war, and aims to make a mark on the international soccer stage. The film follows the squad's first year together from their hunt for new players and buying a sheep as a mascot, to their first international match. However, as the euphoria of independence subsides the team finds itself hit by bitter infighting, malaria and a financial crisis.

Cast & Crew

Director Sam Benstead
Series Editor Nick Fraser