Bail Hearing

Series 2 - Episode 3 Bail Hearing



I laugh a lot during Line of Duty, but not with mirth. It’s with shock and admiration at writer Jed Mercurio’s sheer cheek. I will say no more, except that he knows when to slap an audience, to bring us up short as we say “I can’t believe he did that!”

So yet again we mustn’t get too comfortable as the investigation into the murderous ambush of a police convoy carrying a protected witness burrows even deeper into the murk. The anti-corruption officers brought in probe Det Insp Lindsay Denton’s involvement are deeply flawed and in danger of being tripped up by their own very human failings.

Meanwhile life for Denton (the excellent Keeley Hawes) has become both terrifying and unbearable. Fleming (Vicky McClure), despite being compromised by an illicit relationship, seems to be one of the good guys. But, as ever with Line of Duty, we can’t be sure of anything.


Denton is attacked while on remand in prison awaiting trial and tells Fleming she had a relationship with a high-ranking officer - who may have reason to want her framed. After AC-12 gains access to the files on the protected witness, the evidence suggests a possible police conspiracy and the cohesion of the team is further threatened by the arrival of a former adversary. Crime drama, starring Keeley Hawes.

Cast & Crew

Lindsay Denton Keeley Hawes
Arnott Martin Compston
Fleming Vicky McClure
Hastings Adrian Dunbar
Cottan Craig Parkinson
Dryden Mark Bonnar
Hargreaves Tony Pitts
Ronson Richard Huw
Rich Niall MacGregor
Rogerson Christina Chong
New Jo Chetna Pandya
Merchant Maria Connolly
Leland Claire-Louise Cordwell
Clerk Matthew Faris
Judge Niall Cusack
Prosecution Fo Cullen
Defence Tara Flynn
Reporter Richard Doubleday
Director Douglas Mackinnon
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Jed Mercurio
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