The Homecoming

Series 1 - Episode 5 The Homecoming



In this episode Porthos (hitherto mainly the joker in the pack) finds himself accused of murder. So his comrades in arms must save him from the gallows by finding who really committed the crime. For a while, the episode takes on a crime drama feel; it’s CSI: Seventeenth Century as Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan probe witnesses, pick over clues and work through suspects.

But typically for this series, it doesn’t stop there; the plot also tries to reach a little deeper, into issues of class divisions, slum clearance and religious fanaticism. (It doesn’t reach very deep, mind you, but it’s worth a shot.)

Meanwhile, Porthos has been whisked away to the criminal corner of Paris where he grew up, for a reunion with an old rival played by Ashley Walters. Best of all, the dead man’s father is played by the silky, mesmerising Anton Lesser – always a class act.


Porthos wakes up in the street after a drunken night to find a dead body beside him, and is promptly sentenced to death. But then he is abducted by a mysterious gang of criminals who carry him off to the slums of Paris - the streets of his childhood - meaning the other Musketeers must infiltrate this dangerous district if they are to find their friend and prove his innocence. Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke and Santiago Cabrera star, with Ashley Walters and Anton Lesser.

Cast & Crew

Athos Tom Burke
Aramis Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu Peter Capaldi
Porthos Howard Charles
King Louis Ryan Gage
D'Artagnan Luke Pasqualino
Treville Hugo Speer
Captain Matt Slack
Judge Michael Cochrane
Charon Ashley Walters
Flea Fiona Glascott
Poupart Brian Pettifer
Emile De Mauvoisin Anton Lesser
Jean De Mauvoisin Christophe Gilland
Pastor Ferrand Michael Jenn
Servant of De Mauvoisin Vaclav Chalupa
Drunk woman Helen Cotterill
Director Saul Metzstein
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer James Dormer
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