Human Error

Series 2 - Episode 11 Human Error



Alice's relationship with Douglas now appears to be on an even keel, but as one aspect of her life resolves itself, another part begins to unravel when she discovers a side to her flatmate Fae that is less than endearing. Guest starring Mackenzie Crook, Helen Lederer and Charlie Brooks.

Cast & Crew

Alice Chenery Tamsin Greig
Fae Maddison Amelia Curtis
Milly Russell Montserrat Lombard
Douglas McVitie Mark Heap
Lloyd Drewitt Owen Brenman
Janey Jan Ravens
Marty Cady Mackenzie Crook
Denise Charlie Brooks
Kirsty Christine Stephen-Daly
Reporter Alex Lovell
Vernon Tim Hewitt
Maxine Helen Lederer
Director Christine Gernon
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Executive Producer David Renwick
Producer Verity Lambert
Writer David Renwick
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