The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle

Series 2 - Episode 4



The women of the Bletchley Circle return to their old stomping ground, the place that gave them their name, that hub of life-saving, war-ending code-cracking brilliance, Bletchley Park. As this is a crime drama that’s basically Enid Blyton for grown ups, the Famous Four (Millie, Lucy, Jean and Alice) indulge in some light subterfuge to gain access to the old workplace because they need to see secret files.

We even glimpse an Enigma machine as the team try to nail a nasty criminal gang, headed by a woman with a heavy foreign accent who’s dealing in contraband and involved in the trafficking of young Eastern European women.

Millie (Rachael Stirling) takes it all rather personally as she’s right in the eye of the storm, but Jean (Julie Graham) puts herself in danger to pose as a big-spending black market client.


Part two of two. Lack of action by the police leaves the women to conclude there must be corruption within the vice squad and that catching the gang red-handed is their only option. Plotting to infiltrate the crime ring to find out the location of the hotel being used as a base, they visit Marta in her restaurant, pretending Jean is a potential new client. This leads to an opportunity for Lucy to memorise the businesswoman's ledger, which may hold the key to the whole operation. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Millie Rachael Stirling
Alice Hattie Morahan
Lucy Sophie Rundle
Jean Julie Graham
Elishka Edyta Budnik
Marta Brana Bajic
Lazzru Orestes Sophocleous
Ben Gladstone Nick Blood
Lizzie Faye Marsay
DCI Fallow David Hounslow
Tommy Iain Stuart Robertson
Customs officer Rupert Holliday Evans
Interviewer Michael Webber
Director Sarah Harding
Executive Producer Jake Lushington
Producer Trevor Hopkins
Writer Guy Burt
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