Apples: British to the Core

Apples: British to the Core


Chris Beardshaw makes lovely company as he reveals “a love affair between a nation and a fruit”. We eat 50 billion apples a year and, Beardshaw is interested not only in how they taste, but in how they grow. We learn about cross-pollination and grafting, the Victorian horticulturalists who cultivated different varieties with fabulous, evocative names – you can just imagine how Hoary Morning tastes – and how apples were once a class issue. The rich enjoyed eating the fruit, but in cider country the dry apples that couldn’t be eaten were prized for their juice.


Garden designer Chris Beardshaw finds out how Britain has helped shape the apple. He visits the original Bramley apple tree, discovers what drove Victorian horticulturists to create so many varieties and learns about the work of scientists who have unlocked the fruit's deepest secrets and helped make it a mass-market success.