Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans

Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans

Series 1 - Episode 2



If you think kittens are cute, wait until you see the litter of orphaned cheetah cubs that Paul O’Grady gets to play with in a South African sanctuary. “I feel like Maria Von Trapp… this is heaven,” he says, as they snuggle up on his lap. Then he meets Ollie, a stroppy 18-month-old black rhino that even he wouldn’t dare try to cuddle. However, the relationship Jamie (a volunteer at the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre) has with Ollie is very special.

Paul’s equally daunted by his encounter with a troop of “rather lively” baby baboons that ignore all his attempts to communicate. They obviously don’t understand his Scouse version of baboon-speak.


The comedian visits a cheetah sanctuary near Cape Town, where he strikes up a bond with a litter of six cubs, before heading to an animal rehabilitation centre near Kruger National Park to meet a black rhino calf orphaned at five months old when its mother was shot and killed. He's also introduced to a baby baboon that is being prepared for release into the wild and spends more time with Nkala at the elephant nursery.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Paul O'Grady
Executive Producer Mark Scantlebury
Series Director Jill Worsley
Documentary Nature