Countryfile Winter Special

Episode 1247 Countryfile Winter Special



December and January (so far) have been cruel months for great chunks of Britain, with lives and homes ruined by storms and flooding. But Countryfile is here to take a more benevolent look at a season that can both ravage and enchant, with a winter special.

Ellie Harrison wraps up warm to wander the Cairngorms looking for wildlife that is hardy enough to survive the ravages of extreme cold and weather, while Adam Henson examines coastal storms – not their destructive power, but the unexpected bounty that they can sometimes leave behind for beachcombers. And landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy explains why winter is so rich in imagery and creates a special artwork for the programme.


The team celebrates the countryside during the harshest of seasons, with Ellie Harrison canoeing around a loch in the Cairngorms in search of hardy wildlife. Julia Bradbury is joined in the Chilterns by weatherman John Hammond, who explains the reason for the UK's winters, Adam Henson finds out how the coastal storms often leave behind a special kind of treasure for beachcombers and Matt Baker discovers how farmers manage to bring in the harvest. Finally, landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy explains why the season has so much to offer him in his work and creates a piece especially for the programme.