Series 5 - Episode 4



Beetlemania hits the ARC when Connor, working on a dodgy project for the saturnine Philip, unleashes a biblical plague. A torrent of prehistoric insects pours through “the first man-made anomaly” and, as dino-devotees will know, any security breach means “lockdown”. Good for the outside world; not so great for the staff.

The main story is scalp-crawling if straightforward, but the nibbles of complexity at the beginning and end add a little spice. And with battle lines finally drawn between the characters – in what appears to be indelible ink – the last episodes of the series can really push the boat out.


The team tackles killer beetles from the future, which swarm into Connor's lab through an anomaly and begin devouring everything in sight, starting with a luckless security guard. As the crisis escalates, Philip devises a way of saving the day - but unfortunately it entails destroying the whole of ARC. Drama, starring Andrew-Lee Potts, Alexander Siddig and Hannah Spearritt.

Cast & Crew

Connor Temple Andrew-Lee Potts
Abby Maitland Hannah Spearritt
James Lester Ben Miller
Matt Anderson Ciaran McMenamin
Captain Becker Ben Mansfield
Jess Parker Ruth Kearney
Philip Burton Alexander Siddig
April Leonard Janice Byrne
Emily Merchant Ruth Bradley
Producer Tim Haines
Writer Tim Haines
Writer Adrian Hodges
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