Bad Girls

Series 5 - Episode 16



Fenner is hellbent on revenge after Yvonne's hitman fails to finish him off, and a spot of blackmail presents the devious officer with the perfect opportunity to be rid of his adversary once and for all. Elsewhere, Julie S realises she cannot cope with the trauma of chemotherapy any longer, and makes a drastic decision, Selena tries to persuade Kris to tell the truth, and celebrations get under way for Barbara and Henry's wedding.

Cast & Crew

Jim Fenner Jack Ellis
Yvonne Atkins Linda Henry
Julie Saunders Victoria Alcock
Selena Gleeson Charlotte Lucas
Kris Yates Jennifer Ness
Barbara Hunt Isabelle Amyes
Rev Henry Mills Michael Elwyn
Director Julie Edwards
Producer David Crean
Writer Liz Lake
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