Parks and Recreation

I'm Leslie Knope

Series 4 - Episode 1 I'm Leslie Knope



A recap for British Parks and Rec fans, who have waited over a year for the fourth series: Leslie has been asked to run as Pawnee city councillor. She’s thrilled, and confident - “My strategy is to win” – but can she do it without sacrificing her relationship with Ben?

First, though, she must defuse a naked photo scandal – “That’s a baller move,” says Tom, “Pun intended!” – and banish Ron’s demonic ex-wife, Tammy One. And there’s a typically joyous appearance from Jean-Ralphio as Ben helps Tom out with his new entertainment business.

Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but when Leslie calls Anne a “beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby”, all is forgiven.


Leslie struggles to hide her forbidden relationship with Ben, fearing it will threaten her chances of running for office in the future. Meanwhile, Ron deals with the arrival of his first wife, Tammy. Comedy starring Amy Poehler as an enthusiastic government official.

Cast & Crew

Leslie Knope Amy Poehler
Ann Perkins Rashida Jones
Ron Swanson Nick Offerman
Tom Haverford Aziz Ansari
April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza
Tammy One Patricia Clarkson
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