Pointless Celebrities

Pointless Celebrities

Series 6 - Episode 4



Pointless is always fabulous, of course, but when it hums with teams who are quick and sharp and who actually have a wide general knowledge, then it’s extra exciting. So it is with this episode of Pointless Celebrities, a teachers’ special. Real-life Thornhill Community Academy headteacher Mr (Jonny) Mitchell and his deputy Mr (Mike) Steer, from Channel 4’s fly-on-the-classroom-wall documentary series Educating Yorkshire, go up against teams of pretend educators from BBC1’s Waterloo Road and the well-loved Grange Hill (including formidable headmistress Mrs McClusky, actress Gwyneth Powell).

As Richard Osman sets up a staffroom at his desk and makes tea for host Alexander Armstrong, there are testing rounds on chemical elements and pop bands.


Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present an education-themed edition, quizzing small-screen teachers both fictional and real. They are Grange Hill headmistress Gwyneth Powell - who teams up with singer and former GH pupil Michelle Gayle - Waterloo Road couple Philip Martin Brown and Melanie Hill, Steve Speirs, who stars in David Walliams' sitcom Big School and The Demon Headmaster himself, actor Terrence Hardiman. These actors compete against each other as well as Jonny Mitchell and Mike Steer, the headteacher and deputy headteacher of Thornhill Community Academy, the school featured in Channel 4's fly-on-the wall documentary Educating Yorkshire.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alexander Armstrong
Co-host Richard Osman
Contestant Gwyneth Powell
Contestant Michelle Gayle
Contestant Philip Martin Brown
Contestant Melanie Hill
Contestant Steve Speirs
Contestant Terrence Hardiman
Contestant Jonny Mitchell
Contestant Mike Steer
Executive Producer Pam Cavannagh
Executive Producer Nick Mather
Executive Producer James Fox
Executive Producer Richard Hague
Executive Producer Michelle Woods
Series Producer John Ryan
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