Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge


Series 3 - Episode 1 Greenland



Robson Green returns to his first love: shouting at fish.

However little you like fishing (or Robson, for that matter), it really isn’t important. Past series have proved that his formula is sceptic-proof. He turns up at an exotic location, befriends a local expert by means of some hearty banter and/or back-slapping, clowns about a bit, casts his line, then starts bellowing and whooping as soon he gets a bite – or before. If he actually lands a fish of any size the celebrations may remind you of a ten-year-old whose team has won the FA Cup. Irrepressible doesn’t begin to cover it.

Robson starts the new series in Greenland where redfish and arctic char would be well advised to scatter.


Actor Robson Green returns to face off against more expert fishermen from around the world. His first destination is Greenland, where he begins by trying to catch redfish in its deep southern fjords, before he is challenged to charm an Arctic char from under a rock by tickling it. The final leg takes him inside the Arctic Circle, where he competes against Inuit Hans Kristian Olsen and his father Peter in a search for the Greenland shark.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Robson Green
Director Alistair Smith
Executive Producer Gerard Costello
Executive Producer Helen Nightingale
Producer Alistair Smith
Series Producer Leo McCrea
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