Not Like This

Series 2 - Episode 10 Not Like This



Gail makes preparations for the shutters to come down on the station for good, but before deciding whether to continue the battle or admit defeat, the firefighters attempt a high-risk rescue that tests their passion for the job. Meanwhile, Dawson receives significant news and a scandal involving the union president has a direct impact on Mouch.

Cast & Crew

Matthew Casey Jesse Spencer
Kelly Severide Taylor Kinney
Wallace Boden Eamonn Walker
Christopher Herrmann David Eigenberg
Gabriela Dawson Monica Raymund
Leslie Shay Lauren German
Peter Mills Charlie Barnett
Randy `Mouch' McHolland Christian Stolte
Otis Yuri Sardarov
Joe Cruz Joe Minoso
Heather Darden Chaon Cross
Antonio Dawson Jon Seda
Gail McLeod Michelle Forbes
Jeff Clarke Jeff Hephner
Spellman John Hoogenakker
Benny Severide Treat Williams
Det Voight Jason Beghe
Leon Jeff Lima
Devon Vedette Lim
Katie Brittany Curran
Isabella Mena Suvari
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