Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom

Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom

Series 1 - Episode 3



The scientific team cataloguing Burma’s wildlife have discovered a phenomenal diversity of species in its remote jungles including comedy creatures such as a beetle that explodes as a form of defence and a fluffy insect that looks like a flower – until it leaps off the stem. But while they have also seen lots of wild cats, tigers prove elusive. It’s a frustrating process for them and for us as viewers. However you don’t need to be a wildlife expert to realise these untouched habitats are teeming with rare and endangered animals and, as Burma opens up to the outside world, it’s vital they should be protected.


The team splits up to search for evidence of tigers, with Justine Evans and the scientists heading to the jungle of northern Burma. Gordon Buchanan travels to the forests of the far south, which were once home to a thriving population of the big cat, but as the area has been isolated by war for more than 60 years, little is known about the fate of the animals.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Tim Scoones
Series Producer Susanna Handslip