Worst Weather Ever

Worst Weather Ever?
Sat 2 Dec 8:30pm - 9:25pm RTÉ2
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Sat 2 Dec, 9pm - 11pm National Geographic Channel
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During 2014 the UK endured torrential rain courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Bertha, a heatwave in July and a “weather bomb” just before Christmas.

But, of course, we aren’t alone in suffering extreme weather events. Entire towns in India can be washed away by the monsoon while giant hailstones in China have killed people as well as destroyed crops.

This film puts our current weather into context and then explores what the future might hold by simulating scenes of Rome being engulfed in a dust storm and Egypt blanketed with snow. Not that anyone wants to alarm you, of course.


Documentary examining how the planet's current spate of extreme weather events compares to changes in climate in the past, looking at what effect the increase in the Earth's temperature is having on its weather systems and exploring what will happen if the globe continues to heat up. There is footage of early monsoon rains washing away entire towns in India and giant hailstones destroying crops and killing people in China, while simulated scenes of what may come include the Taj Mahal smothered by a flash flood, Rome engulfed in a dust storm and Egypt besieged by snow.

Cast & Crew

Director George Harris
Executive Producer Alice Harper
Executive Producer Kirstie McLure
Producer George Harris