Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom

Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom

Series 1 - Episode 2



As Burma gradually opens up to the outside world, its wildlife, which paradoxically was protected when the military government sealed the borders, is increasingly being put at risk.

Species that are rare and endangered in other parts of South East Asia – sun bears, elephants and leopards – thrive here. But Burma’s forests are also home to unique creatures such as the blind snake and the cartoon-like bamboo rat, as well as a dazzling diversity of insects and birds.

The scientists greet each discovery with unalloyed delight, but there’s a dark side to their investigations. Many rare creatures are being killed to sell on the illegal Chinese medicine market.


Film-makers Gordon Buchanan and Justine Evans head deep into the mountains of western Burma in search of the sun bear, the Asian golden cat and the clouded leopard. Meanwhile, zoologist Ross Piper and the science team carry on their mission to create a wildlife survey to present to the government of Burma, while undercover filming in a border town leads to a shocking discovery.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Presenter Justine Evans
Contributor Ross Piper
Producer Anwar Mamon
Series Producer Susanna Handslip