Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

Danny MacAskill's Imaginate


Stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill made his name posting clips of his audacious bike tricks online. Now his sponsors have given him carte blanche to realise his childhood fantasies in an ambitious new project: creating a primary-coloured cheese dream of an assault course peppered with giant retro kids' toys. Think pencils made from telegraph poles, a six-foot-tall Rubik's Cube and a ramp mocked up as the 1987 Dandy annual.

Danny's skills are breathtaking, as he attacks the obstacles with the elegance and verve of a free-runner on wheels, while his determination to overcome all setbacks in the pursuit of perfection is inspirational.


Fearless street trials pro rider Danny MacAskill prepares for his most ambitious project yet: creating a giant, life-size set of children's toys and riding across them.