Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Series 4



Mere semi-automatic rifles aren’t enough: our terrorist chums are wheeling out the really big guns as they set their sights on the British Embassy in Budapest. And that nasty Real IRA operative Mairead has snatched the not exactly lilywhite Lt Col Locke (Robson Green, who takes a beating with suitably gritted teeth and a little quip here and there). But what’s the real target, and can Section 20 retrieve their boss and stop an imminent attack?

Now that everyone seems to know that Stonebridge’s trigger finger is a bit shaky, it’s a wonder that he’s allowed out on the streets. And Scott has had his diamonds valued. Our heroes are considering their exit strategy, but will it be of their own making?


Mairead is loving her role as captor of Locke as details of the Major's painful past comes to light - but she cannot kill him just yet as he has information that she requires. Meanwhile, the team members strive to find their boss - accidently getting on the wrong side of the Russians in the process. Military action drama, starring Robson Green and Catherine Walker.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Sgt Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Maj Rachel Dalton Rhona Mitra
Maj Philip Locke Robson Green
Sgt Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
DEA SA Kim Martinez Milauna Jackson
Leo Kamali Zubin Varla
Mairead McKenna Catherine Walker
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