A Different Country

Series 1 - Episode 3 A Different Country



Everyone will have a character in Generation War they connect with most, the one who most brings home the suffering, and for me it’s Friedhelm. He was the vulnerable one, the bookish sceptic who had no talent for soldiering and needed protecting by his older brother. But then he turned into a killing machine, as if deciding that if there was no escape from the slaughterhouse, he might as well embrace it.

His downfall is heartbreaking, and there are other dreadfully moving storylines tonight in a final episode that brings the friends to 1945. “Whatever God has in store for us,” mutters Wilhelm, “it isn’t victory.”


As the war nears its end, Wilhelm's death sentence is quashed and he is sent to serve in a punitive battalion as the Wehrmacht now needs every man. Friedhelm's new unit in Poland cracks down brutally on the partisan group of which Viktor is a member, while Charlotte is captured after her field hospital is overrun by the Red Army. Greta is visited in prison by her former lover and protector Dorn, who wants her to testify that he helped Viktor escape. Tom Schilling and Volker Bruch star. In German. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Friedhelm Tom Schilling
Wilhelm Volker Bruch
Greta Katharina Schuettler
Charlotte Miriam Stein
Viktor Ludwig Trepte
Dorn Mark Waschke
Hiemer Sylvester Groth
Lilja Christiane Paul
Alina Alina Levshin
Hauptmann Feigl Maxim Mehmet
Dr Jahn Gotz Schueber
Director Philipp Kadelbach
Producer Nico Hofman
Writer Stefan Kolditz
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