The Paradise

Series 2 - Episode 7



The unscrupulous Weston continues to play his nasty, manipulative games with Katherine, Moray and Denise, but in this episode he also turns his attentions to shopgirl Clara who, he declares with skin-crawling lasciviousness, is delightfully wilful. But he’s not the only one to be attracted to her. Weston has organised for a handsome photographer, Christian Cartwright (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), to come to the Paradise to take a photo of each of the staff and she has captivated him, too.

The on/off nature of Moray and Denise’s relationship has become tiresome, but at least Weston’s cruel treatment of his wife, always polite but utterly chilling, makes up for that.

Back at The Paradise, Moray comes up with an ambitious plan to transform it into a haunted house to tie in with the publication of a popular ghost story. But will Denise be seduced once again by his brilliance and enthusiasm? And do we care?


Tom engages renowned photographer Christian Cartwright to take a family portrait, although as Katherine soon discovers, it's merely a gesture as her husband makes it clear her position is fragile. The staff also have their pictures taken, although an indecent proposal leaves Clara questioning who she really is. Denise's suspicions about Moray and Katherine are confirmed in the most heart-breaking of ways, so she throws herself into work as a distraction. Can Dudley and a ghost story bring them back together again?

Cast & Crew

Moray Emun Elliott
Denise Joanna Vanderham
Katherine Weston Elaine Cassidy
Tom Weston Ben Daniels
Dudley Matthew McNulty
Jonas David Hayman
Sam Stephen Wight
Clara Sonya Cassidy
Susy Katie Moore
Myrtle Lisa Millett
Christian Cartwright Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Arthur Finn Burridge
Flora Edie Whitehead
Director David Drury
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Ben Harris
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