Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen

Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen

Series 1 - Episode 2



These trips down Britain’s bucolic byways are exhausting – just look at tonight’s episodes, where the boys variously show us how lamb is bred and ways to cook it, make beer, look at tuna production, ponder the perfect strawberry, visit a British cherry-grower, swoon over Jersey Royal potatoes in Jersey, give us hints on top tomatoes, ask the people of Cardiff for their favourite cuts of lamb… It goes on and on. Then there’s the cooking as Nigel Slater, in that perfect farmhouse kitchen, makes lamb burgers dripping with cheese and barbeques great lumps of meat for the final flourish, an autumn feast for Cotswold farmers and their families.

There is much to learn, of course, as Slater and Adam Henson try to persuade us to eat food in the seasons it’s meant to be eaten. Lamb, for instance, is associated with spring but that’s when the lambs are born – their best taste comes in summer.


In the second edition, Nigel Slater and Adam Henson aim to reintroduce the notion of seasonality, something that has largely disappeared now that imports and technology mean people can buy what they want all year round. They use spring lamb, a meat that has become increasingly expensive over the years, with Nigel rescuing the cheaper cuts to show they can be just as tasty. Meanwhile, Adam hopes his wheat will have survived after the coldest spring for 50 years.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nigel Slater
Presenter Adam Henson
Executive Producer Tina Fletcher-Hill
Producer Eileen Inkson
Series Producer Kate Shiers