Eddie Stobart: Trucks, Trains & Planes

Eddie Stobart: Trucks, Trains & Planes

Series 6



There are times watching BBC1’s drama series Truckers when it feels as if writer William Ivory at some point stumbled on this stalwart Channel 5 series while heavily medicated for flu, with feverish creative results.

If you prefer your hauliers shorn of midlife crises but dogged by everyday logistical challenges, another visit to the real-life Stobart premises may be in order. As we rejoin the company, two drivers get caught up in a traffic jam on the way to Truck Fest Scotland: if they ever get there, they’ll be going head to head with the stars of another HGV docu-soap – the near-legendary Ice Road Truckers.


Ashley Maddocks and Craig Garside go head to head with drivers from Ice Road Truckers at Truckfest Scotland, and Dan Metcalfe and Ashley Saunders are at the firm's training facility near Carlisle to master the gigantic rail-maintenance machine known as `the gopher'. Ground crew supervisor James da Silva and his Stobart Air team work hard to ensure flights leave on time during a busy bank holiday at Southend Airport.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Lorna-Dawn Creanor
Series Editor Lyn Rowett