Series 1 - Episode 2



Despite his wife Jane's strong opposition, Travers visits murder suspect and old university friend Martin Newall and finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that stretches far beyond the courtroom. Meanwhile, DI Wenborn is determined to track down the killer of the man discovered in the Suffolk farmhouse and with no sign of motive or struggle, he suspects that the murder was an execution. Thriller, starring James Purefoy, Charlie Creed-Miles and Nathaniel Parker.

Cast & Crew

William Travers James Purefoy
Jane Travers Dervla Kirwan
Martin Newall Nathaniel Parker
DI Mark Wenborn Charlie Creed-Miles
DS Nick Taylor Obi Abili
Natalie Chandra Sasha Behar
Mary Davis Marcia Warren
PMO Adam Christie Hilton McRae
Kate Travers Lisa Diveney
Maggie Wenborn Kirsty Bushell
Lucy Wilson Jayne Wisener
Philip Spaull Robert Whitelock
Henry Conway David Rintoul
Gavin Brooke Nick Court
Caroline Newall Camilla Power
Ralph Bates Steve Hansell
Eric Ducann Stephen Hogan
Terry Cooper Ian Burfield
Alan Stewart Joe Cole
Miss Sun-Jung Yuna Shin
John Renner John McGlynn
Jeremy Forbes-Watson Nick Dunning
Darren (Young offender) Elijah Baker
Simon (Young offender) Jacob Anderson
Hotel receptionist Paul Keating
Judge Simon Cook
Boy Adam Grant
Director Colm McCarthy
Executive Producer Anthony Horowitz
Producer Jill Green
Producer Eve Gutierrez
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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