Death by Water

Series 8 - Episode 3 Death by Water



Feature-length episode. Leo and Harry's professional rivalry erupts following Sam's departure. They deal with the case of several children who experienced unexplained breathing difficulties, leaving one of them dead. While Harry believes this was mass hysteria, Leo suspects something more sinister. Meanwhile, a man is found dead in his car with a stab wound to the chest. Tom Ward and William Gaminara star.

Cast & Crew

Dr Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Dr Leo Walton William Gaminara
Marcus Gwilym Anton Lesser
Sienna Ricci Kate Fleetwood
Lucas Garner Peter Wight
Paul Williams Billy Hill
Daryl Butler Ian Peck
Nicola Butler Nathalie Press
DI Gwenda Newton Emma Handy
DCI Jim Tennant Philip Bird
Helen Wharton Phyllis Logan
Dr Yip Tom Wu
Micky Choo Ozzie Yue
Teacher Alex Hughes
Lanny Forbes Rebecca Bridges
Pat Sam Friend
Angus Stuart David Harewood
Nurse Amymay Bowes
Man on Slab Graham O'Mara
Director Patrick Lau
Producer Nick Pitt
Writer Dusty Hughes
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