Welcome to My World: The Jim Reeves Story

Welcome to My World: The Jim Reeves Story


When I listen to good ole Jim I’ve come home.

My mum loved him, and lazy Sunday mornings of childhood meant the sound of Distant Drums wafting up from the radiogram. Jim Reeves — associated chiefly with the development of the Nashville sound (which sought to preserve country’s rural flavour within the urban style of pop) — began his musical career as an announcer on a country music radio show, and here our own beloved and equally gentle-voiced radio personality Terry Wogan pays tribute to him.

We hear from Jim’s nephew John Rex Reeves (a country singer who makes it his business to keep his uncle’s memory alive) on a show that — even if you haven’t a penchant for Jim’s smooth sound and lush accompaniments — is sure to envelope you in a virtual aural comfort blanket.


Terry Wogan celebrate the life and career of the singer-songwriter whose style mixed country music with the laidback approach of crooners like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. He looks at the influence Reeves had on the likes of Don Williams, Randy Travis and Charley Pride, and how he was one of the first people to make country music popular outside America. Featuring contributions from his nephew John Rex Reeves, musician Sid Griffin, biographer Larry Jordan, cultural historian CP Lee and some of his fans.