The Meaning of Death

Series 9 - Episode 3 The Meaning of Death



Feature-length episode. The team pursues a serial killer with a grisly desire to look at his victims' faces as they die, and the trail leads into the world of academic philosophy. However, Nikki is distracted from the case by the death of her grandmother, while Harry investigates the demise of a woman who apparently drowned in three inches of water.

Cast & Crew

Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Leo Dalton William Gaminara
DCI Wimber Nick Sidi
DCI Mumford Paul Panting
Victor Alexander Leigh Lawson
Chric Pivcevic Velibor Topic
Paul Rory Kinnear
Richard Leo Bill
Tony Lane Javaad Malik
Ged Dickon Tolson
Greg Evans Robert Lowe
Julie Sandy Hendrickse
Clive Philips James Vaughan
Jennifer Hayley Doherty
Dr Francis Sykes Alistair Cope
Elly Louise Shuttleworth
Mrs Stubbs Glynis Brooks
Tamsin Sinead Michael
Director Bryn Higgins
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Rhidian Brook
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