Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life


Series 1 - Episode 3 Kids



The everyman philosopher visits Asia to apply his blokeish reductionism to the subject of parenthood. From the start, he admits he doesn't see the point of babies. "As soon as they're born, other animals have a job," he gripes. "We don't know what we're here for."

In Japan he has his semen analysed, aiming to find an excuse to avoid reproduction, but his loins are more fruitful than he'd hoped. "There are a lot of characters among your sperm, I think," remarks the doc as they watch his magnified sample swimming around.

Of course, it's all an excuse to grumble in exotic locations, but Karl's bluntness provides some hearty laughs and this is the best of the series so far.


Why do people have children? That's the puzzler bothering world-weary philosopher Karl in this episode. Travelling the globe, he tries to understand why couples feel the need to become parents, visiting a fertility festival in Japan and a natural birthing centre in Bali - where he lends a hand with a delivery - and meets an LA couple looking to take the next step.

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Presenter Karl Pilkington