Three's a Crowd

Series 28 - Episode 12 Three's a Crowd



Charlie Clements’s most famous EastEnders moment came when his character Bradley took a dive from the Vic’s roof. So when he turns up here as a plumber tasked with a job in a loft, you feel it’s only a matter of time before he falls through the floor. The twist is that there’s a box stuffed with banknotes hidden next to the water tank and the plumber and his dad decide to nick it before taking their inevitable plunge. Once at the hospital, the rightful owner of the cash comes calling and he’s not the kind of guy you want to tangle with. Can Super Jeff foil the villain before it’s too late?


Plumber Graham and his son Jake are struggling to sort out a leaky water tank when they discover a hidden stash of cash - but the next thing they know they've crashed through the rotten floorboards into the bathroom below. And when they turn up at the ED, they are closely followed by home-owner Paul - who wants his money back. Meanwhile, Sam treats a bride on her wedding day, unaware Tom is intending to propose to her. The only problem is, he's let slip to Robyn, and the gossip is spreading round the department. Can he get down on one knee before she hears it from someone else? With guest appearances from former EastEnders stars Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning) and Glynis Barber (Glenda Mitchell), plus Billy Hartman, who played Emmerdale's Terry Woods.
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