Iceland Foods: Life in the Freezer Cabinet

Iceland Foods: Life in the Freezer Cabinet

Series 1 - Episode 2



If you missed last week’s opener, make a date for part two, because this is one of the sharpest documentary series of this year. Things get lively at the headquarters of Iceland Foods as the horsemeat scandal turns into what you might call an unbridled disaster.

What makes the series so watchable is that it has the trappings of a quirky workplace fly-on-the-wall doc, full of cheery characters and minor slapstick. But underneath there are glimpses of the cogs and lubricants of big business, for instance when we eavesdrop on crisis discussions in the boardroom after CEO Malcolm’s shoot-from-the-hip PR offensive backfires horribly. We then see him tell a Sun journalist, “You be kind to us and we’ll give away 100,000 burgers to your readers.”

And with another storyline about applicants for a delivery driver’s job, we get glimpses of life a long way from the boardroom, and the tough reality behind the firm’s happy-clappy image.


The company deals with the fallout from the horsemeat scandal, with technical manager Trish Twohig being summoned to Parliament to give evidence to a committee. With the media storm continuing to dent sales, CEO Malcolm Walker hopes his plain speaking will get the business out of hot water - but his strategy backfires badly. Meanwhile, a new store opens in the former mining town of Treorchy in south Wales and senior buyer Alastair Crimp tries to find an attention-grabbing name for his newest product.

Cast & Crew

Series Director James Rogan
Series Producer Alisa Pomeroy