Go Fight City Hall - To the Death!

Series 1 - Episode 1 Go Fight City Hall - To the Death!



A youth is arrested for the rape and murder of a City Hall secretary, but Quincy is convinced he lacks the physical strength to have carried out such a horrific crime, and sets out to find the real culprit. Starring Jack Klugman and Garry Walberg.

Cast & Crew

Dr Quincy Jack Klugman
Lee Lynette Mettey
Lt Frank Monahan Garry Walberg
Sam Fujiyama Robert Ito
Dr Robert J Asten John S Ragin
Danny Tovo Val Bisoglio
Sgt Brill Joseph Roman
Dr Rivera Henry Darrow
Ben Chase Denny Miller
Director E W Swackhamer
Writer Glen A Larson
Writer Lou Shaw
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