Midsomer Murders

Market for Murder

Series 5 - Episode 1 Market for Murder



A prominent resident is robbed and battered to death with her walking stick, and suspicion soon falls on the members of her reading club - which turns out to be a front for a lucrative investment portfolio. John Nettles and Daniel Casey star, with guest appearances by Anton Rodgers (Fresh Fields) and Angela Thorne (To the Manor Born).

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
Sgt Gavin Troy Daniel Casey
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Harry Painter Jesse Birdsall
Barman Eamon Geoghegan
Ginny Sharp Serena Gordon
Tamsin Proctor Caroline Harker
Dr Bullard Barry Jackson
Vera Hopkins Dilys Lane
Marjorie Empson Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Dr Rupert Bradshaw Christopher Ravenscroft
Lord James Chetwood Anton Rodgers
Police technician Jay Smith
Sandra Bradshaw Gerda Stevenson
Lady Lavinia Chetwood Angela Thorne
Selwyn Proctor Rupert Vansittart
Solo voice Catherine Bott
Director Sarah Hellings
Producer Brian True-May
Writer Andrew Payne
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