Floyd on Britain and Ireland


Series 1 - Episode 1 Northumbria



As part of his celebration of British and Irish food, Keith Floyd visits “the last bastion of countryside in Britain”: Northumberland. Hadrian’s Wall inspires him to cook a pork stew with a fishy Roman flavour, and he takes a rough ride on a trawler to knock up a panache of fish, but he’s at his happiest in the kitchen with a glass of mead and a Viking. Eben, descended from the marauders of the North, is a delicate-looking young lady who decapitates a pheasant without hesitation and proceeds to cook it in mead and cream. Floyd and his cravat could not be happier.


The chef samples the food of Northumberland, and cooks a pork, vegetable, wine and herb stew after being inspired by the sight of Hadrian's Wall. Plus, he takes a trip on a trawler boat and prepares a panache of fish.