The Rabbit Never Escapes

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Rabbit Never Escapes



It’s good to see David Mitchell and Robert Webb back together on television, though Ambassadors is more Graham Greene than it is Peep Show. There are some funny bits, but it’s a drama with a light touch, rather than an out-and-out comedy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as this is an engaging, even winning, hour. Mitchell is Keith Davis, Britain’s new ambassador to Tazbekistan, a (fictional) central Asian country with a terrible human rights record. His highly capable deputy is Neil Tilly (Webb), a man with a private life that could turn out to be his downfall.

The well-meaning Davis has to secure a huge Tazbekistan order for British helicopters and hopes that a limp Best of Britain-themed party, including a one-man version of Frankenstein performed by a preposterously pretentious actor, might do the trick.


Comedy following the exploits of Keith Davies and Neil Tilly, two British diplomats stationed in the fictional Central Asian country of Tazbekistan. The pair are tasked with securing a lucrative helicopter contract, but things do not get off to a good start when the country's president witnesses Keith accidentally shoot an ibex, Tazbekistan's national animal, and the embassy's Best of British festival fails to win over the natives. Starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell.