Dynamite and a Woman

Series 2 - Episode 4 Dynamite and a Woman



In a capital whose leaders are still gripped, violently, by the Irish Question, a prisoner seizes the chance to break free from the Maria carrying him through Whitechapel. By the next day, he’s fallen back on his old skills and an MP is dead.

No one will mourn Cecil Knightly and his vicious prejudice, but a murder’s a murder. In order to trace the absconder, DC Flight must get close to his pretty daughter, and there’s no one more proficient at lessons in lady-luring than Captain Jackson. His attempts to goad Reid into blokey banter are less successful, though where Councillor Cobden is concerned, our detective inspector is starting to look a bit too steadfastly moral for his own good.

As it becomes clear that the killings have less to do with Irish politics than the future of London’s energy supply, there’s a disappointing lack of AC/DC jokes.


A convicted bomber escapes from his prison wagon and barely a day has gone by before he has exploded a device beneath the bed of a prominent MP. Chief Inspector Abberline is convinced the attack is the work of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and sends Flight undercover into Whitechapel's Irish community, where he soon befriends a young woman believed to be the culprit's daughter. However, Jackson's forensic investigation of the explosive device prompts Reid to wonder if they are looking in the right place.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Edmund Reid Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson Adam Rothenberg
Ch Insp Fred Abberline Clive Russell
Sgt Donald Atherton David Wilmot
Det Con Albert Flight Damien Molony
Aiden Galvin Stanley Townsend
Charles Broadwick James Wilby
Jane Cobden Leanne Best
Evelyn Foley Charlie Murphy
Michael Donovan Martin McCann
Sebastian Ferranti Michael Marcus
Cecil Knightly Guy Williams
Newgate driver Steve Gunn
Priest Frank Melia
Bar brawler Micheal O Dubhghaill
Director Chris Menaul
Producer Stephen Smallwood
Writer Jamie Crichton
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