The Jonathan Ross Show

The Jonathan Ross Show

Series 5 - Episode 6



One Direction are nothing if not hard-working. Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall have just returned from Take Me Home, their epic world tour. Next week they’ll release a new album and star in 1D Day, a seven-hour live stream incorporating contributions from fans. The world will soon have its fill, if that’s possible, but the lads might need a sit down: Jonathan Ross is just the host to provide it.

They’ll have to scooch up a bit for Radio Times columnist Sarah Millican, though. Not only is she in the middle of her own tour (called Home Bird, so they’ve got something in common), but there’s always the hope that she’ll settle in properly, take over from Jonathan and start asking the questions. The rude ones.


The host is joined by chart-topping boy band One Direction, who discuss their rapid rise to fame, and rap superstar Eminem. They are joined in the green room by Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker and chat show legend Oprah Winfrey - who co-star in The Butler - and comedienne Sarah Millican, talking about her stand-up tour Home Bird.