Death and the Dog

Series 4 - Episode 12 Death and the Dog



Eddie appears depressed, so Martin enlists the aid of a dog psychiatrist to determine the root of his misery, much to Frasier and Niles's amusement. However, the diagnosis is that Eddie is picking up negative vibes from everyone around him, causing the Cranes and Daphne to assess their own lives. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney.

Cast & Crew

Dr Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer
Daphne Moon Jane Leeves
Dr Niles Crane David Hyde Pierce
Roz Doyle Peri Gilpin
Martin Crane John Mahoney
Dr Arnold Shaw Zeljko Ivanek
Dr Stephen Kagen Tom Lagleder
Director James Burrows
Writer Suzanne Martin
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