Series 1 - Episode 6



This shiny but ultimately lifeless series about the turmoils of 1960s gynaecologists putters to a close with a hospital fund-raising party that brings everyone together, though not in a good way as secrets and lies bubble beneath the surface. The strange, sinister and clearly obsessed Mulligan (Iain Glen) continues to stalk desperate housewife Elizabeth who has gone beyond the call of duty to keep her rocky marriage to brilliant surgeon Otto (Jack Davenport) intact. But Mulligan’s looming presence hangs heavy and both Otto and his closest pal, the gibbering Charlie, know that Mulligan has the means to torpedo their lives and careers because he knows exactly What Happened in Cyprus.


As a lavish fundraiser and beauty pageant at the hospital brings everyone together, Otto is confident he can control Mulligan and eliminate the threat. However, Charlie doesn't trust him to take care of things and decides on his own drastic course of action. Elizabeth is relieved to learn she's no longer battling the policeman alone, but finds herself burdened by a new discovery. Meanwhile, Lily pretends she is happy to be staying in London, and Richard and Jean struggle to save their marriage. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Otto Powell Jack Davenport
Jean Truscott Zoe Boyle
Richard Truscott Oliver Chris
Charlie Enderbury Shaun Dingwall
Elizabeth Powell Natasha Little
Lily Enderbury Joanna Page
Angela Wilson Catherine Steadman
Mr Truscott Michael Troughton
Mrs Truscott Cheryl Campbell
Matron Vosper Diane Fletcher
Dr Omprakash Mehta Ronny Jhutti
Mrs Johnstone Melanie Kilburn
Insp Mulligan Iain Glen
Maureen Mulligan Holli Dempsey
Thomas Powell Rudi Goodman
Sister Neville Dystin Johnson
Sam Roth/Sam Cohen Tom Rosenthal
Nurse Griffen Sophie Hammond
Nurse Welling Eleanor McPhee
Nurse Morris Stacey Ghent
Patricia Mehta Sophie Scott
Joe Richie Campbell
Monty Finbar Lynch
Insp Thomson Gordon Kennedy
Mrs Mulligan Cathy Sara
Penny Penny Downie
Mr Walker Edmund Kingsley
Theatre nurse Charlotte Allam
Director Philippa Langdale
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Paul Unwin
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer Jolyon Symonds
Writer Paul Unwin
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