All Aboard: East Coast Trains

At Your Service

Series 1 - Episode 1 At Your Service



You wait years for a documentary series about train companies to come along and what do you know, coachloads of them arrive at once…BBC2’s Keeping Britain on Track, Channel 5’s The Railway: First Great Western and now All Aboard, Sky’s breezy contribution to this burgeoning genre. We join the indefatigably jolly staff of East Coast trains as they wrangle well-oiled stag and hen parties on a Friday night at Newcastle station when everything’s delayed by a signal failure, and cook breakfast on board the first train of the day, the 4.45am from Newcastle to London. Every rail documentary must have a retiree and at York station, “JR” prepares to dispatch his last ever train after a career of 47 years.


Documentary following East Coast rail employees as they work to maintain one of the UK's busiest transport networks. Cameras follow breakfast crews as they struggle to stay enthusiastic while serving sleep-deprived early-morning commuters. Rookie station security recruit Liam is asked to investigate an alarming situation, and a veteran platform attendant dispatches his last-ever train at York Station before retiring.