Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy


If, like me, you’re a devotee of schlocky, adoring historical bio-dramas, then you will love this, with Rob Lowe giving his all as President Jack Kennedy. It’s a great impersonation, right down to JFK’s Bawston drawl and that twinkling charm. Killing Kennedy (executive produced by Ridley Scott) canters through JFK’s brief presidency while running a parallel story focused on assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who’s portrayed as a pesky attention-seeker.

A limpid Ginnifer Goodwin plays Jackie Kennedy as the woman history has now decided she was, a sainted drip with a nice line in pastel cardigans. You might smile at the elements of hagiography, but wait till the end, there’s actual home movie footage of JFK mucking about with his kids that will leave you choked.


Fact-based drama marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, based on Bill O'Reilly's best-selling book Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot. The film combines rare historical insights and archives with storytelling to recount how the US president and his killer Lee Harvey Oswald crossed paths on that November afternoon in Dallas in 1963. Starring Rob Lowe, Ginnifer Goodwin, Will Rothhaar and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Cast & Crew

John F Kennedy Rob Lowe
Jacqueline Kennedy Ginnifer Goodwin
Marina Oswald Michelle Trachtenberg
Lee Harvey Oswald Will Rothhaar
Bobby Kennedy Jack Noseworthy
Jack Ruby Casey Siemaszko
Richard Snyder Jamie McShane
Lady Bird Johnson Antoinette LaVecchia
Faddle Taylor Roberts
Ruth Paine Natalie Gold
Lyndon Johnson Francis Guinan
Director Nelson McCormick
Executive Producer Teri Weinberg
Producer Ridley Scott
Writer Kelly Masterson
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