Our Soldiers: Return to Civvy Street

Our Soldiers: Return to Civvy Street


Staff Sergeant Paul has finished a 22-year contract with the Army and he’s looking for a job. Paul insists he isn’t the kind of man who will go around telling everyone he’s spent 22 years in the Army, but in this sad film about the difficult readjustment to civilian life, he does just that. Your heart will go out to him on his first day at work as a supermarket delivery driver when his clearly embarrassed colleague explains to him how to check vehicles. Paul, of course, tells him he was in the Army for 22 years. Then there’s dolorous ex-corporal Dave, who winces with unspecified aches and pains and explains that he finds supermarket shopping a trial because chiller cabinets remind him of mortuaries.


Documentary following three former servicemen as they return to life after the military, exploring how they try to adjust practically and emotionally to the civilian world. Staff Sergeant Paul Wilkie is looking forward to finding a new job after 22 years in the forces, but finds it difficult with his limited skill set. Corporal Dave Edwards has also struggled, suffering physically and mentally from his time in service, while expectant father and triple amputee Corporal Andy Reid has to come to terms with being a disabled parent. Part of Remembrance Weekend.