The Cost

Series 1 - Episode 10 The Cost



McNulty and Daniels debate how to protect a key witness in the months before he testifies. Meanwhile, Sydnor and Carver track down the Barksdale crew's main stash house, and Prez demonstrates his talent for following the paper trail. Proposition Joe brokers a meeting between Omar and Stringer, while an undercover operation has terrible consequences for one of the unit.

Cast & Crew

Det Jimmy McNulty Dominic West
Det Shakima Greggs Sonja Sohn
Lt Cedric Daniels Lance Reddick
Det William `Bunk' Moreland Wendell Pierce
Det Ellis Carver Seth Gilliam
Det Roland `Prez' Pryzbylewski Jim True-Frost
Det Leander Sydnor Corey Parker Robinson
Avon Barksdale Wood Harris
Russell `Stringer' Bell Idris Elba
Joseph `Proposition Joe' Stewart Robert F Chew
Omar Little Michael K Williams
Director Brad Anderson
Writer David Simon
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